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DarKsidE555's News

Posted by DarKsidE555 - November 10th, 2019

Soo yeah...This just happened...Level 60...Wow...14 years! of NG history for me...


I can't believe it myself to be honest. The things I've seen, done, enjoyed, hated, loved...

The final frontier...Naked pics of Tom Fulp...(when it still was a thing, yeah...I remember, don't look surprised now @TomFulp)...I am that..."young". I still want those want those pics man, you promised! >: (

But damn...Time passes by so fast these days.

Well...What to say? Do something "smart" in your life? Something "meaningful"?...I say...Do what you want to do...There is no right or wrong.

Anyways...I gotta go. I have to return some video tapes. :*



Posted by DarKsidE555 - December 14th, 2014



Posted by DarKsidE555 - November 4th, 2014


Check out GameAudioBox, a new Game Production Audio Asset marketplace. Buy and sell high quality audio assets!

Posted by DarKsidE555 - October 1st, 2014

After a loong time coming, we've launched a service called GameAudioBox


today with other NG'ers! It's an audio stock marketplace we designed to help game developers find the right song or sound effect. There are SO MANY developers we talked to over the years who said they could never find what they wanted but the problem was rarely the stock site they were using didn't have the right stuff, it was simply the developers couldn't find them.

This is because all other stock sites out there are general media geared and that leaves game developers with hurdles to come over they may not be prepared to. To this day I will never forget that one developer who didn't know what percussion was. For reals.

So there it is. By providing developers with search tools geared towards game production and breaking down the elements of a game we've made it easy to find that sound or song that was escaping them prior.

We're on a soft launch right now (BETA). We're looking to find as many contributors as possible! We want to take a few weeks to get people signed up and set up with their assets before we start pushing this site hard and throwing our dime into marketing.

To make the deal that much sweeter all contributors (YES, there is a quality standard) will get 100% of all sales earnings up until the hard marketing push (which we are gearing for Oct 15th) + 14 days after that.

There is an insanely relevant amount of content NG musicians are creating every day with very high quality. We want to show that we're serious about putting this stuff in front of the right people.

So if you're interested or if you know people who would, come visit and let us know about your thoughts, concerns or questions! :)

Kind regards,


Posted by DarKsidE555 - February 2nd, 2011

Effing finally! :)

That was one looong road to travel.

It's a TANK!

Posted by DarKsidE555 - January 2nd, 2011

Hope you had fun carpet bombing your neighbourhood!

I know I did. :3

Posted by DarKsidE555 - October 6th, 2010

Na ah...

Posted by DarKsidE555 - March 17th, 2010

Massives waves of ale are waiting at the front gate! Join me in this glorius battle! Let's Fight back and save the queen or whatever, I don't know...


Happy St. Patricks day! SERIOUS BUSINESS! >:(

Defend your castle!

Posted by DarKsidE555 - December 17th, 2009

Well, I've been working on and off on my sound in the last few months. Made an complete overhaul. Drums, guitars, bass, everything new from the ground up. Still needs some tweaking here and there but it's no comparison to my "old" sound. Have a listen. :3

OMG don't click me! D:

Posted by DarKsidE555 - September 2nd, 2009

The power of three teams I'm in are moving along nicely. The progress is steady. There is currently no release date set but most of the visuals in both games are done and I'll finally get my hands on making the music for em. I've already made a couple of tunes though but for certain scenes, I just need visuals to get along with the mood.

I'm really looking forward to the point when everything will work together. About the two games...

Swords of Beef is a good ol beefy hack'n slash game alá golden axe with cinematic scenes and very crazy game features. Lots of that shit coming your way since el-cid is doing all the visuals.

The second game is called Heroes4Hire, a 2D overview game where you are in charge of a mech that helps defending city's against monsters and other things.

I'm excited about both. A new experience for sure making all the music but cool at the same time. Expect lots of tehm metalz! >:U


Power of 3! >:U