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OH YES! Take me now! <3

I once...

was a pokemon like you...but then I took an arrow...yeah, you know the story. ;P

Anyways, random flash is random. Got a laugh out of it so thumbs up.

A true treasure!

I lol at this silently at night...10 times in a row!

One of ma favs. 4-evaaaa!

golfinho responds:

thanks DarKsidE555

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Great game!

I don't get the low scoring reviews or that this great game doesn't have more than 134 reviews yet, counting with mine. The concept isn't something new but there was pulled much effort in into it.

It's seems that I have remind some of you people that this is not your average "5-minutes-Newgrounds-game" that you finish with a "Well, that was fun, but too easy blabla, make moar ^__^" bullshitreview. This is something you can enjoy for hours. There is a lot of varity in the game modes, better than in the first gem-craft.

The quality is great. Graphic and engine wise. Why are people complaining about the graphic so much?? There aren't any big flaws in general and the new addictions compared to the original gem-craft are huge!

It's a true tower defense game and if YOUR attention span only lasts for your "average" NG games, then sorry...this isn't something for you then. Though don't blame this submission for your ignorance. This game is challenging, fun and most of all, a real time killer. Complains about this game beeing "too hard buhuu ;(" are mindless and show that some of don't want or can't handle games where you have to THINK for a minute.

Overall, an excellent sequel!


I played this game very often and I gotta say it's damn strong. The balancing is great and it remains challenging no matter what. A real time killer. So much fun to play. :)

Outstanding work!


I really enjoyed this game and not only because my music is in it. Thanks for that again man. :)

I thought I was playing memory but with a twist. The 50 levels were challenging but not too hard at the same time. I really think you kept a nice balance there. Simple design, effective outcome.

All in all, great game!

Coaly responds:

Thanks, your music fits great, everyone seems to agree.

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But...does it DJENT!? :U

Xenogenocide responds:

Does it? DOES IT?!

Fantastic work man! Would have been even cooler if you palm muted some of the rhythm parts in your usual fashion and I also miss a crazy solo/sweeping in the middle. That would have really killed it! ;)

Now you make me feel bad again that I haven't played in a long while. ;(

You basturd! <3

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks, dude! And I wanted to go a little more extreme with it but I also wanted to pay tribute to the original as well lol pick up your guitar and play!!!!!! :P

Classy as hell my good sir! Perfect in every aspect! That's a 5 all around! :D

sorohanro responds:

Thanks :)

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Chocolate Fountain SUPRISE MO**FUCKA!


Now the real fight can begin!


Laughed hard at this...nothing better than scat humor. thumbs up!

...Music is the way to show your deepest feelings... Not everyone likes metal... FUCK THEM!! kekeke! ^_ ^

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